Best Bowling Figures in The Hundred Cricket 2022 Records and Statistics

Best Bowling Figures in The Hundred 2021 Records and Statistics

Best Bowling Figures in The Hundred 2021 Records and Statistics

Last updated on September 5th, 2022 at 07:57 am

the hundred best bowling figures Trent Rockets, Welsh Fire, Northern Superchargers, and Southern Brave are among the other teams competing in The Hundred’s first edition.

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Let’s take a look at who has taken the most wickets in the hundred cricket games Men’s 2022 competition thus far.

Top 5 the hundred best bowling figures 2022

1JOSHUA LITTLE(Manchester Originals (Men))5/13
2HENRY BROOKES(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))5/25
3SEAN ABBOTT(Manchester Originals (Men))4/8
4WAYNE PARNELL(Northern Superchargers (Men))4/16
5TOM HELM(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))4/17
6SAM COOK(Trent Rockets (Men))4/18
7DAN LAWRENCE(London Spirit (Men))4/20
8JORDAN THOMPSON(London Spirit (Men))4/21
9TOM HARTLEY(Manchester Originals (Men))4/22
10MASON CRANE(London Spirit (Men))4/24
11CHRISTOPHER WOOD(London Spirit (Men))4/28
12JAKE BALL(Welsh Fire (Men))4/29
13GEORGE GARTON(Southern Brave (Men))3/7
14SUNIL NARINE(Oval Invincibles (Men))3/11
15DAVID WIESE(Northern Superchargers (Men))3/15
16LIAM DAWSON(London Spirit (Men))3/15
17SAM CURRAN(Oval Invincibles (Men))3/16
18LUKE WOOD(Trent Rockets (Men))3/17
19BENNY HOWELL(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))3/18
20KANE RICHARDSON(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))3/19
21PAUL WALTER(Manchester Originals (Men))3/20
22SAMIT PATEL(Trent Rockets (Men))3/23
23REECE TOPLEY(Oval Invincibles (Men))3/24
24DANIEL SAMS(Trent Rockets (Men))3/24
25RASHID KHAN(Trent Rockets (Men))3/25
26NATHAN ELLIS(London Spirit (Men))3/28
27MATTHEW MILNES(Oval Invincibles (Men))3/32
28TRISTAN STUBBS(Manchester Originals (Men))2/6
29TABRAIZ SHAMSI(Trent Rockets (Men))2/12
30DAVID PAYNE(Welsh Fire (Men))2/12
31MOEEN ALI(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))2/13
32ISH SODHI(Welsh Fire (Men))2/14
33TOM CURRAN(Oval Invincibles (Men))2/14
34CHRIS JORDAN(Southern Brave (Men))2/16
35MATT PARKINSON(Manchester Originals (Men))2/17
36ADAM ZAMPA(Welsh Fire (Men))2/17
37JAMES FULLER(Southern Brave (Men))2/18
38MICHAEL HOGAN(Southern Brave (Men))2/20
39REHAN AHMED(Southern Brave (Men))2/20
40CRAIG OVERTON(Southern Brave (Men))2/21
41LUKE FLETCHER(Trent Rockets (Men))2/22
42DANNY BRIGGS(Oval Invincibles (Men))2/22
43GEORGE SCRIMSHAW(Welsh Fire (Men))2/22
44DAVID WILLEY(Northern Superchargers (Men))2/22
45MOHAMMAD HASNAIN(Oval Invincibles (Men))2/28
46SONNY BAKER(Southern Brave (Men))2/28
47DWAYNE BRAVO(Northern Superchargers (Men))2/29
48DWAINE PRETORIUS(Welsh Fire (Men))2/30
49CRAIG MILES(Northern Superchargers (Men))2/30
50RYAN HIGGINS(Welsh Fire (Men))2/31
51RICHARD GLEESON(Manchester Originals (Men))2/37
52GLENN MAXWELL(London Spirit (Men))1/6
53ANDRE RUSSELL(Manchester Originals (Men))1/7
54ASHTON TURNER(Manchester Originals (Men))1/7
55WILL JACKS(Oval Invincibles (Men))1/8
56LEWIS GREGORY(Trent Rockets (Men))1/8
57TOM LAMMONBY(Manchester Originals (Men))1/8
58PAUL STIRLING(Southern Brave (Men))1/10
59MARCUS STOINIS(Southern Brave (Men))1/12
60LIAM LIVINGSTONE(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))1/12
61JJ COBB(Welsh Fire (Men))1/14
62ADIL RASHID(Northern Superchargers (Men))1/17
63JAKE LINTOTT(Southern Brave (Men))1/17
64MATTHEW CRITCHLEY(Welsh Fire (Men))1/18
65CALLUM PARKINSON(Northern Superchargers (Men))1/22
66FRED KLAASSEN(Manchester Originals (Men))1/23
67BRAD WHEAL(London Spirit (Men))1/23
68BEN RAINE(Northern Superchargers (Men))1/23
69MITCHELL STANLEY(Manchester Originals (Men))1/23
70IMRAN TAHIR(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))1/24
71PETER HATZOGLOU(Oval Invincibles (Men))1/29
72ROELOF VAN DER MERWE(Northern Superchargers (Men))1/32

Top 5 Best Bowling Figures in The Hundred 2021

PlayerOversMdnsRunsWktsEconTeamOppositionGroundMatch DateScorecard
M de Lange4.0×502056.00Rocketsv BraveNottingham24 Jul 2021T20
Imran Tahir3.4×502557.89Phoenixv FireBirmingham9 Aug 2021T20
MW Parkinson3.4×50942.84Originalsv PhoenixManchester25 Jul 2021T20
Qais Ahmad4.0×501343.90Firev N S-ChargersLeeds24 Jul 2021T20
BTJ Wheal4.0×511745.10Spiritv OriginalsManchester10 Aug 2021T20
Wahab Riaz4.0×503049.00Rocketsv FireCardiff6 Aug 2021T20
JDS Neesham3.0×50532.00Firev BraveCardiff27 Jul 2021T20
TS Mills3.1×50833.00Bravev RocketsThe Oval20 Aug 2021T20
SP Narine2.0×501136.60Invinciblesv RocketsThe Oval8 Aug 2021T20
AU Rashid4.0×501333.90N S-Chargersv InvinciblesLeeds31 Jul 2021T20
JB Lintott4.0×501434.20Bravev InvinciblesSouthampton16 Aug 2021T20
AF Milne4.0×501534.50Phoenixv BraveSouthampton30 Jul 2021T20
BA Raine2.4×501536.42N S-Chargersv OriginalsLeeds12 Aug 2021T20
Rashid Khan4.0×511634.80Rocketsv OriginalsNottingham15 Aug 2021T20
M Carter4.0×501735.10Rocketsv SpiritLord’s29 Jul 2021T20
GHS Garton4.0×501835.40Bravev RocketsThe Oval20 Aug 2021T20
SR Patel4.0×502036.00Rocketsv SpiritLord’s29 Jul 2021T20
BA Raine4.0×502036.00N S-Chargersv SpiritLord’s3 Aug 2021T20
RF Higgins4.0×502136.30Firev SpiritCardiff18 Aug 2021T20
M de Lange2.4×502239.42Rocketsv N S-ChargersNottingham26 Jul 2021T20
FJ Klaassen3.0×502339.20Originalsv InvinciblesThe Oval22 Jul 2021T20
T Shamsi4.0×502537.50Invinciblesv SpiritThe Oval14 Aug 2021T20
LS Livingstone4.0×502537.50Phoenixv N S-ChargersLeeds17 Aug 2021T20
Rashid Khan4.0×502637.80Rocketsv PhoenixBirmingham1 Aug 2021T20
TW Hartley4.0×502738.10Originalsv SpiritManchester10 Aug 2021T20
PR Brown4.0×502738.10Phoenixv RocketsNottingham13 Aug 2021T20
TK Curran4.0×502938.70Invinciblesv FireThe Oval2 Aug 2021T20
BTJ Wheal3.3×5030310.00Spiritv FireCardiff18 Aug 2021T20
Rashid Khan4.0×503139.30Rocketsv N S-ChargersNottingham26 Jul 2021T20
BC Cullen4.0×5037311.10Spiritv FireCardiff18 Aug 2021T20
DA Payne4.0×5038311.40Firev PhoenixBirmingham9 Aug 2021T20