Best bowling Strike Rate in T20 world cup

Best bowling Strike Rate in T20 world cup

In the T20 era today, Bowling Strike Rates need to have a different variety of deliveries at their disposal to fight off the aggressive batting performances at the highest level. Stock deliveries alone cannot take up wickets or stop the run-flow.

The batsmen are likely to attack you on virtually every ball with only 120 deliveries left to play for, thus the bowler needs to have a wide variety of pitches in his arsenal to get wickets and halt the run-flow.

In this article, we look at the top five bowlers with the best bowling strike rates in the history of the T20 world cup. Only those having a wide variety of variations to display have had the best strike rates.

There is always more cricket fever when an ICC event is taking place. Fans may watch some exciting action in this years high bowling Strike Rate T20 World Cup.

List of Players with Best Bowling Strike rates in T20 World Cup

BAW Mendis (SL)2009-20142178.33526356/813.411
IS Sodhi (NZ)2016-20211243.40314193/1813.700
Umar Gul (PAK)2007-20142482.40604355/614.111
Al-Amin Hossain (BAN)2014-20161443.30342183/2114.500
Rashid Khan (AFG)2016-20211246.20295194/914.610
S Badree (WI)2012-20161559.01326244/1514.710
Saeed Ajmal (PAK)2009-20142389.21607364/1914.830
GP Swann (ENG)2009-20121655.02358223/2415.000
R Ashwin (INDIA)2012-20211866.00397264/1115.210
MG Johnson (AUS)2007-20101452.10351203/1515.600
M Morkel (SA)2007-20141762.40452244/1715.620
Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)2007-202131110.10709414/916.130
IK Pathan (INDIA)2007-20121543.01321163/1616.100
SL Malinga (SL)2007-201431102.40763385/3116.201
DW Steyn (SA)2009-20162383.11579304/1716.610
MA Starc (AUS)2012-20211767.00558243/2016.700
TG Southee (NZ)2010-20211762.51495223/1617.100
SCJ Broad (ENG)2007-20142686.52671303/1717.300
AD Russell (WI)2012-20212252.30456182/1017.500
NL McCullum (NZ)2007-20162267.10399233/1517.500
SP Narine (WI)2012-20141244.41231153/917.800
R Rampaul (WI)2007-20211550.51443173/1617.900
AU Rashid (ENG)2009-20211654.20401174/219.110
CJ Jordan (ENG)2014-20211652.20394164/2819.610
DJ Bravo (WI)2007-20213488.40782274/3819.710
KD Mills (NZ)2009-20141552.50426163/3319.800
Abdur Razzak (BAN)2007-20141553.41366162/1620.100
DL Vettori (NZ)2007-20121767.10392204/2020.110
SR Watson (AUS)2007-20162475.21608223/2620.500
KMDN Kulasekara (SL)2009-20161858.53430174/3220.710
Shahid Afridi (PAK)2007-201634135.01907394/1120.720
RA Jadeja (INDIA)2009-20212274.01529213/1521.100
SE Bond (NZ)2007-20101143.01325122/1221.500
Mohammad Nabi (AFG)2010-20211965.01471184/2021.610
Mohammad Amir (PAK)2009-20161762.03445173/2321.800
MRJ Watt (SCOT)2016-20211142.00256112/2122.900
AD Mathews (SL)2009-20162974.22481193/1623.400
DJG Sammy (WI)2009-20162544.40308113/824.300
Harbhajan Singh (INDIA)2007-20121969.04468164/1225.810
PJ Cummins (AUS)2012-20211348.01374112/1626.100
JA Morkel (SA)2007-20142546.41404102/1228.000
Mohammad Hafeez (PAK)2007-20213067.00508142/2228.700
Sohail Tanvir (PAK)2007-20141344.0032593/3129.300
JDP Oram (NZ)2007-20121845.3042482/4434.100
Mashrafe Mortaza (BAN)2007-20162375.40601132/2834.900
SJ Benn (WI)2009-20161657.0140471/248.800
Samiullah Shinwari (AFG)2010-20161443.0028351/1151.600

Top 5 Bowlers with the Best Bowling Strike Rates in T20 World Cup

Ajantha Mendis (SL)

In his early years, Ajantha Mendis caused all of the oppositions problems with his arsenal of numerous variations. The mystery spinner quickly rose to prominence for the team after making his debut in 2008 against West Indies.

He had an outstanding run in the T20 world cups and had the highest strike rate of any bowler in the globe. Mendis amassed 35 wickets with a strike rate of 13.4 in 21 games he participated in during various world cup tournaments.

Ish Sodhi (NZ)

Ish Sodhi participated in T20 World Cups for West Indies in 2014. He played 12 Matches and take 19 wickets with 13.7 bowling strike rates in the t20 world cup.

Unique record for Sodhi and Guptill….As per Opta, the duo of Sodhi and Guptill became the most successful bowler/fielder combinations for New Zealand in mens T20Is with the fall of Rohit Sharmas wicket.

Umar Gul (PAK)

Umar Gul, a tall and powerful fast bowler, turned out to be Pakistans saving grace in the first two world cups.

Gul has a strong track record in T20 world cups, as he led the field in wickets in the 2007 and 2010 competitions. In the T20 World Cup, Gul has the second-best strike rate (14.1).

He has participated in 24 T20 world cups overall, taking 35 wickets overall at an average of 17.25.

Al-Amin Hossain (BAN)

Al-Amin Hossain participated in two T20 World Cups for Bangladesh in 2014 and 2016, appearing in 14 games and taking 18 wickets.

He has a 14.5% strike rate, which ranks third among bowlers in T20 World Cups.

Hossain has taken 22 and 43 wickets in his 15 ODI and 31 T20 international appearances for Bangladesh, respectively.

Rashid Khan (AFG)

During his teams T20 World Cup 2021 match against New Zealand in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday,

Afghanistans standout spinner Rashid Khan set a new Twenty20 cricket record for the quickest bowler to record the most wickets taken.

With the dismissal of Martin Guptill of New Zealand in his 289th T20 game, the 23-year-old Rashid quickly reached the milestone wicket.

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