Top 5 Bowlers with Best Economy Rates in T20 World Cup

The worst affected by cricket’s evolution are bowlers Economy Rate in the t20 world cup. With today’s batting-friendly surfaces, reduced boundaries, and high-quality bats, the batter attacks the bowler from the first ball.

Maintaining a good Economy Ratesrate is exceedingly challenging, especially in the T-20 format.

There are, however, some elite bowlers who maintain a low economy rate in the T20 format as well.

The quantity of runs you allow during the bowling inning is referred to as your economy rate. The economy often rises when it is discussed in the context of Twenty20 cricket.

It results from the batsman’s mentality. Things become a little better when we see the best Economy Rates at the icc t20 world cup

Some outstanding bowlers are included on this list. Everyone believed that spinners would become a forgotten talent with the advent of T20 cricket, but things have changed over time.

They did well and successfully adapted to the format wt20 world cup.

In this list, the best Economy Rates at the icc men’s t20 World Cup are analyzed. On the list, there are a lot of spinners. Additionally, they have prospered for a very long time. This list is current as of the 2007 T20 World Cup.

Here’s a look at the best 5 bowlers with the most excellent economy rates in T20 World Cup

Sunil Narine (WI)2012-20141244.41153/95.17
Samuel Badree (WI)2012-20161559.01244/155.52
Daniel Vettori (NZ)2007-20121767.10204/205.83
Nathan McCullum (NZ)2007-20162267.10233/155.94
R Ashwin (INDIA)2012-20211866.00264/116.01
MRJ Watt (SCOT)2016-20211142.00112/216.09
Rashid Khan (AFG)2016-20211246.20194/96.36
Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)2007-202131110.10414/96.43
AD Mathews (SL)2009-20162974.22193/166.47
GP Swann (ENG)2009-20121655.02223/246.50
Samiullah Shinwari (AFG)2010-20161443.0051/116.58
BAW Mendis (SL)2009-20142178.33356/86.70
Shahid Afridi (PAK)2007-201634135.01394/116.71
MG Johnson (AUS)2007-20101452.10203/156.72
Harbhajan Singh (INDIA)2007-20121969.04164/126.78
Saeed Ajmal (PAK)2009-20142389.21364/196.79
Abdur Razzak (BAN)2007-20141553.41162/166.81
DJG Sammy (WI)2009-20162544.40113/86.89
DW Steyn (SA)2009-20162383.11304/176.96
SJ Benn (WI)2009-20161657.0171/27.08
RA Jadeja (INDIA)2009-20212274.01213/157.14
Mohammad Amir (PAK)2009-20161762.03173/237.17
IS Sodhi (NZ)2016-20211243.40193/187.19
M Morkel (SA)2007-20141762.40244/177.21
Mohammad Nabi (AFG)2010-20211965.01184/207.24
Umar Gul (PAK)2007-20142482.40355/67.30
KMDN Kulasekara (SL)2009-20161858.53174/327.30
AU Rashid (ENG)2009-20211654.20174/27.38
Sohail Tanvir (PAK)2007-20141344.0093/317.38
SL Malinga (SL)2007-201431102.40385/317.43
IK Pathan (INDIA)2007-20121543.01163/167.46
CJ Jordan (ENG)2014-20211652.20164/287.52
SE Bond (NZ)2007-20101143.01122/127.55
Mohammad Hafeez (PAK)2007-20213067.00142/227.58
SCJ Broad (ENG)2007-20142686.52303/177.72
PJ Cummins (AUS)2012-20211348.01112/167.79
Al-Amin Hossain (BAN)2014-20161443.30183/217.86
TG Southee (NZ)2010-20211762.51223/167.87
Mashrafe Mortaza (BAN)2007-20162375.40132/287.94
KD Mills (NZ)2009-20141552.50163/338.06
SR Watson (AUS)2007-20162475.21223/268.07
MA Starc (AUS)2012-20211767.00243/208.32
JA Morkel (SA)2007-20142546.41102/128.65
AD Russell (WI)2012-20212252.30182/108.68
R Rampaul (WI)2007-20211550.51173/168.71
DJ Bravo (WI)2007-20213488.40274/388.81
JDP Oram (NZ)2007-20121845.3082/449.31

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Best Bowling Average in T20 World Cup Best Batting Average In t20 World Cup 2022
Best Bowling Average in T20 World Cup Best Batting Average In t20 World Cup 2022