Highest Batting Strike Rate In Icc t20 world cup

Highest Batting Strike Rate In Icc t20 world cup

Highest Batting Strike Rate In Icc t20 world cup

Wt20 world cup shortest format, the Highest Batting Strike Rate is a crucial characteristic. Due to the limited time available in T20 cricket, every batsman must alter their strategy.

They must use extreme decisiveness in playing shots at all times. A batsman strikes the ball boldly all over the field if they have a Highest Batting Strike Rate.

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Many fans are interested in learning more about the players with the Highest Batting Strike Rates icc men’s t20, so let’s have a look at them.

ICC Men s T20 World Cup Stats Best Batting Strike Rate, Or Highest Strike Rate in icc cricket t20 world cup

Highest Strike Rate in Icc t20 world cup: From 2007

DJG Sammy (WI)2009-20162518215164.1209
Shahid Afridi (PAK)2007-20163432546154.23221
KL Rahul (INDIA)2021-202155194152.7537
Imran Nazir (PAK)2007-20121313300150.00213
KP Pietersen (ENG)2007-20101515580148.33417
KIC Asalanka (SL)2021-202166231147.1329
JE Root (ENG)2016-201666249146.4727
ML Hayden (AUS)2007-200766265144.80410
JC Buttler (ENG)2012-20212121574144.58226
JJ Roy (ENG)2016-20211111306144.33212
AB de Villiers (SA)2007-20163029717143.40530
GJ Maxwell (AUS)2012-20212017328143.23117
CH Gayle (WI)2007-20213331965142.75763
JA Morkel (SA)2007-20142520308142.59020
LJ Wright (ENG)2007-20122220439142.53321
NLTC Perera (SL)2010-20162017232142.33013
SJ Myburgh (NED)2014-20211211302141.78313
SR Watson (AUS)2007-20162422537140.94531
DJ Mitchell (NZ)2021-202177208140.54110
Najibullah Zadran (AFG)2012-20211512285140.39212
Shafiqullah (AFG)2012-20161111181140.3118
MEK Hussey (AUS)2007-20122116437139.61216
MR Marsh (AUS)2016-202187215138.70210
Mohammad Ashraful (BAN)2007-20121111212138.5628
CL White (AUS)2010-20141513258136.50114
F du Plessis (SA)2012-201699271136.1827
DA Warner (AUS)2009-20213030762135.10631
AD Hales (ENG)2012-20161414356134.84110
MDKJ Perera (SL)2014-20211414248134.7819
DPMD Jayawardene (SL)2007-201431311016134.74625
Umar Akmal (PAK)2010-20162018486132.42319
DJ Hussey (AUS)2009-20121010234132.20215
JDP Oram (NZ)2007-20121815189132.1608
RG Sharma (INDIA)2007-20213330847131.52831
MJ Lumb (ENG)2010-20141111194131.0806
TLW Cooper (NED)2014-2016109246130.85110
SK Raina (INDIA)2009-20162621453130.17112
V Sehwag (INDIA)2007-201298187129.8616
JP Duminy (SA)2007-20162523568129.68223
AD Mathews (SL)2009-20162922459129.66216
V Kohli (INDIA)2012-20212119845129.601020
Yuvraj Singh (INDIA)2007-20163128593128.91433
BB McCullum (NZ)2007-20142525637128.42219
LRPL Taylor (NZ)2007-20162825562127.72323
Mohammad Rizwan (PAK)2021-202166281127.72312
BRM Taylor (ZIM)2007-201488245127.6028
HM Amla (SA)2012-20161414376127.4538
Aftab Ahmed (BAN)2007-201066163127.3413
Ahmed Shehzad (PAK)2009-201699250126.9015
DJ Bravo (WI)2007-20213430530126.79225

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