Highest Individual Score In The Hundred Cricket 2022

Highest Individual Score In The hundred

Highest Individual Score In The hundred

highest individual score in the hundred In The 100 cricket 2022. The Hundred is a 100-ball cricket tournament that combines enormous spectacle with intense competition action, and it’s back this summer (03 August – 03 September 2022). 

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Top 5 Highest Individual Scores The Hundred Cricket 2022

1WILL JACKS(Oval Invincibles (Men))108*
2WILL SMEED(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))101*
3DAWID MALAN(Trent Rockets (Men))98*
4MATTHEW WADE(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))81
5ADAM LYTH(Northern Superchargers (Men))79
6PAUL STIRLING(Southern Brave (Men))74*
7LAURIE EVANS(Manchester Originals (Men))72
8JAMES VINCE(Southern Brave (Men))71*
9PHILIP SALT(Manchester Originals (Men))70*
10JOS BUTTLER(Manchester Originals (Men))68
11COLIN MUNRO(Trent Rockets (Men))67*
12ADAM ROSSINGTON(London Spirit (Men))66
13ANDRE RUSSELL(Manchester Originals (Men))64*
14BEN DUCKETT(Welsh Fire (Men))64*
15JORDAN COX(Oval Invincibles (Men))61*
16SAM CURRAN(Oval Invincibles (Men))60
17ADAM HOSE(Northern Superchargers (Men))59
18BEN MCDERMOTT(London Spirit (Men))59
19ALEX HALES(Trent Rockets (Men))59
20FAF DU PLESSIS(Northern Superchargers (Men))56
21MATTHEW CRITCHLEY(Welsh Fire (Men))55*
22DANIEL SAMS(Trent Rockets (Men))55*
23SAM BILLINGS(Oval Invincibles (Men))53
24WAYNE MADSEN(Manchester Originals (Men))53*
25MOEEN ALI(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))52
26ROSS WHITELEY(Southern Brave (Men))52
27ALEX DAVIES(Southern Brave (Men))51*
28LIAM LIVINGSTONE(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))51*
29DAVID WIESE(Northern Superchargers (Men))50
30EOIN MORGAN(London Spirit (Men))47
31DANIEL BELL-DRUMMOND(London Spirit (Men))46
32TRISTAN STUBBS(Manchester Originals (Men))46
33RAVI BOPARA(London Spirit (Men))45
34TOM BANTON(Welsh Fire (Men))44
35GLENN MAXWELL(London Spirit (Men))43*
36DAN LAWRENCE(London Spirit (Men))43
37HILTON CARTWRIGHT(Oval Invincibles (Men))42
38ZAK CRAWLEY(London Spirit (Men))41
39TOM KOHLER-CADMORE(Trent Rockets (Men))41
40JOE CLARKE(Welsh Fire (Men))37
41LEUS DU PLOOY(Welsh Fire (Men))37
42QUINTON DE KOCK(Southern Brave (Men))37
43MARCUS STOINIS(Southern Brave (Men))37
44DAVID MILLER(Welsh Fire (Men))35*
45LEWIS GREGORY(Trent Rockets (Men))35*
46KIERON POLLARD(London Spirit (Men))34*
47JOE ROOT(Trent Rockets (Men))34*
48REHAN AHMED(Southern Brave (Men))33
49HARRY BROOK(Northern Superchargers (Men))33*
50MILES HAMMOND(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))31
51ROELOF VAN DER MERWE(Northern Superchargers (Men))30
52TOM CURRAN(Oval Invincibles (Men))30
53DAVID WILLEY(Northern Superchargers (Men))29
54DWAINE PRETORIUS(Welsh Fire (Men))29
55DANNY BRIGGS(Oval Invincibles (Men))29*
56JORDAN THOMPSON(London Spirit (Men))27
57PAUL WALTER(Manchester Originals (Men))26
58ASHTON TURNER(Manchester Originals (Men))26
59TOM LAMMONBY(Manchester Originals (Men))26*
60JAMES FULLER(Southern Brave (Men))25
61GEORGE GARTON(Southern Brave (Men))25
62RILEE ROSSOUW(Oval Invincibles (Men))24
63SUNIL NARINE(Oval Invincibles (Men))23
64SAM HAIN(Welsh Fire (Men))23
65TIM DAVID(Southern Brave (Men))22
66BENNY HOWELL(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))22
67MICHAEL-KYLE PEPPER(Northern Superchargers (Men))21*
68SAMIT PATEL(Trent Rockets (Men))21
69JASON ROY(Oval Invincibles (Men))21
70IAN COCKBAIN(Trent Rockets (Men))20*
71DWAYNE BRAVO(Northern Superchargers (Men))19
72CHRIS BENJAMIN(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))18
73TOM HARTLEY(Manchester Originals (Men))17*
74TOM HELM(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))17
75JJ COBB(Welsh Fire (Men))17
76TOM MOORES(Trent Rockets (Men))16
77CHRIS JORDAN(Southern Brave (Men))15
78JOHN SIMPSON(Northern Superchargers (Men))14
79ADAM ZAMPA(Welsh Fire (Men))14*
80WAYNE PARNELL(Northern Superchargers (Men))14*
81TANVEER SANGHA(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))13*
82RYAN HIGGINS(Welsh Fire (Men))11
83MOHAMMAD HASNAIN(Oval Invincibles (Men))11*
84JACOB BETHELL(Welsh Fire (Men))10
85JAKE LINTOTT(Southern Brave (Men))10*
86SEAN ABBOTT(Manchester Originals (Men))10
87OLLIE POPE(Welsh Fire (Men))10
88NOOR AHMAD(Welsh Fire (Men))9*
89KANE RICHARDSON(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))9*
90RICHARD GLEESON(Manchester Originals (Men))8
91DAVID PAYNE(Welsh Fire (Men))8
92BRETT D’OLIVEIRA(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))8
93BEN RAINE(Northern Superchargers (Men))7*
94NATHAN SOWTER(Oval Invincibles (Men))7*
95LIAM DAWSON(London Spirit (Men))7*
96IMRAN TAHIR(Birmingham Phoenix (Men))6*
97MATT PARKINSON(Manchester Originals (Men))6
98GEORGE SCRIMSHAW(Welsh Fire (Men))5*
99JOSHUA LITTLE(Manchester Originals (Men))5*
100NATHAN ELLIS(London Spirit (Men))5*

Highest Individual Score The Hundred 2021

1LIAM LIVINGSTONEBirmingham Phoenix92
2COLIN INGRAMOval Invincibles81*
3DAVID WILLEYNorthern chargers81*
4GLENN PHILLIPSwelsh fire80
5QUINTON DE KOCKSouthern Brave72*
6JONNY BAIRSTOWwelsh fire72
7JOSH INGLISLondon Spirit72
8TOM KOHLER-CADMORENorthern chargers71
9JOHN SIMPSONNorthern chargers71*
10D’ARCY SHORTNorthern chargers69*
11LAURIE EVANSOval Invincibles67*
12BEN DUCKETTwelsh fire65
13WILL SMEEDBirmingham Phoenix65*
14ZAK CRAWLEYLondon Spirit64
15HARRY BROOKNorthern chargers62
16DAWID MALANTrent-Rockets62*
17PAUL STIRLINGSouthern Brave61
18JAMES VINCESouthern Brave60
19MOEEN ALIBirmingham Phoenix59
20JOE CLARKEManchester Originals58
21JASON ROYOval Invincibles56*
22COLIN ACKERMANNManchester Originals53
23ALEX DAVIESSouthern Brave50
24SAM BILLINGSOval Invincibles49
25STEVEN MULLANEYTrent-Rockets49
26CHRIS LYNNNorthern chargers48
27ADAM ROSSINGTONLondon Spirit46
28SAMIT PATELTrent-Rockets46*
29COLIN MUNROManchester Originals45
30ALEX BLAKEOval Invincibles44*
31WILL JACKSOval Invincibles44
32MILES HAMMONDBirmingham Phoenix44*
33ROSS WHITELEYSouthern Brave44*
34FINN ALLENBirmingham Phoenix43
35LEUS DU PLOOYwelsh fire43
36EOIN MORGANLondon Spirit41
37ALEX HALESTrent-Rockets40*
38COLIN DE GRANDHOMMESouthern Brave40*
39CARLOS BRATHWAITEManchester Originals37
40CHRIS BENJAMINBirmingham Phoenix37*
41DANE VILASNorthern chargers36
42TOM BANTONwelsh fire36
43JOE DENLYLondon Spirit35
44JOE CRACKNELLLondon Spirit35
45TOM CURRANOval Invincibles34*
46DEVON CONWAYSouthern Brave34
47IAN COCKBAINwelsh fire32
48JIMMY NEESHAMwelsh fire30*
49JOS BUTTLERManchester Originals30
50MATTHEW CRITCHLEYwelsh fire30*
51PHILIP SALTManchester Originals30
52LEWIS GREGORYTrent-Rockets28*
53JJ COBBwelsh fire28*
54JORDAN THOMPSONNorthern chargers27
55TOM LAMMONBYManchester Originals27
56ROELOF VAN DER MERWELondon Spirit25*
57RASHID KHANTrent-Rockets25
58ADAM LYTHNorthern chargers25
59LUIS REECELondon Spirit24
60CALVIN HARRISONManchester Originals23
61GEORGE GARTONSouthern Brave23
62SUNIL NARINEOval Invincibles22
63BENNY HOWELLBirmingham Phoenix20*
64MATTHEW POTTSNorthern chargers20*
65TOM MOORESTrent-Rockets19
66BEN RAINENorthern chargers18
67CHRIS JORDANSouthern Brave17*
68RAVI BOPARALondon Spirit17
69TOM HARTLEYManchester Originals16*
70MOHAMMAD AMIRLondon Spirit16
71BLAKE CULLENLondon Spirit15*
72TIM DAVIDSouthern Brave15
73MATTHEW CARTERTrent-Rockets14
74GRAEME WHITEwelsh fire14
75QAIS AHMADwelsh fire13*
76LOCKIE FERGUSONManchester Originals13
77SAM HAINManchester Originals12*
78DANIEL BELL-DRUMMONDBirmingham Phoenix12
79CHRIS COOKEBirmingham Phoenix11
80STEVEN FINNManchester Originals11*
81BRYDON CARSENorthern chargers11*
82ADIL RASHIDNorthern chargers10
83MOHAMMAD NABILondon Spirit10
84TOM ABELLBirmingham Phoenix8*
85RYAN HIGGINSwelsh fire8
86MARCHANT DE LANGETrent-Rockets7*
87DELRAY RAWLINSSouthern Brave7
88SAQIB MAHMOODOval Invincibles7*
89SAM CURRANOval Invincibles6
90DAVID LLOYDwelsh fire6
91FRED KLAASSENManchester Originals6*
92DAN LAWRENCELondon Spirit6
93LIAM DAWSONSouthern Brave5
94DANNY BRIGGSSouthern Brave5*
95BEN STOKESNorthern chargers5
96ADAM MILNEBirmingham Phoenix5*
97LUKE WOODTrent-Rockets4
98LUKE FLETCHERwelsh fire4
99DAN DOUTHWAITEManchester Originals4
100CRAIG OVERTONSouthern Brave4*