KPL 2022 Season 2 All-Team Draft Icon Player List Kashmir Premier League

KPL 2022 Season 2 All-Team Icon Player List Kashmir Premier League

KPL 2022 Season 2 All-Team Icon Player List Kashmir Premier League

 KPL Season 2 Draft 2022 is going to happen on July 21, 2022.

KPL Season 2 2022 Finally, the All-Team KPL Cricket 2022 Draft or Icon Player has been announced. The Kashmir Premier League KPL 2022 Franchises have chosen an icon player to serve as captain for the team’s second season, which will begin in August of this year.

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KPL 2022 Squads & Team List For Kashmir Premier League

  1. Rawalakot Hawks
  2. Kotli Lions
  3. Mirpur Royals
  4. Muzaffarabad Tigers
  5. Overseas Warriors
  6. Bagh Stallions
  7. Jammu Janbaz

KPL 2022 Season 2 All-Team Icon Player List Kashmir Premier League

Here is KPL 2022 season 2 all-team icon Player List.

Mirpur Royal Draft Player Pick 2022

Shoaib Malik, one of our top cricketers, is the KPL Season 2 Cricket Icon Player for Mirpur Royal. The Sialkot man is a crowd favorite thanks to a strong defense and some attractive horizontal bat shots and lofted drives.

Player NameCategory
Shoaib MalikIcon Player
Salman IrshadDiamond
M. AkhlaqGold
Abrar AhmedGold

Overseas Warriors Draft Player Pick 2022

Asad Shafiq, who is well-liked in his country, is now the Overseas Warriors’ Icon Player in KPL Season 2. Once he gets rolling, Asad Shafiq has the potential to score significantly.

Asad Shafiq will certainly shine this season, we are confident.

Player NameCategory
Asad ShafiqIcon Player
Azam KhanPlatinum
Kamran GhulamPlatinum
Sohail KhanDiamond

Bagh Stallions Draft Player Pick 2022

Kamran Akmal, a capable performer with a broad skill set, is the KPL Season 2 Icon Player for the Bagh Stallions. He is an excellent addition to his club because of his versatility at any batting position.

We are eager to watch him score a tonne of goals in the league.

Player NameCategory
Kamran AkmalIcon Player
Sohaib MaqsoodPlatinum
Amir YaminDiamond
M.Imran JrGold

Rawalakot Hawks Draft Player Pick 2022

Player NameCategory
Muhammad AmirIcon Player
Ahmed ShehzadPlatinum
Hussain TalatPlatinum
Zaman KhanDiamond

Mohammad Amir, a left-arm fast bowler for Pakistan, is the Rawalakot Hawks’ representative player for the second KPL season. He has taken 59 wickets while playing for Pakistan in 50 T20 internationals.

He is anticipated to deliver a dynamic performance.

Jammu Janbaz Draft Player Pick 2022

Sharjeel Khan, a powerful batsman from Pakistan, is Jammu Janbaz’s icon player in the second KPL season. With his successful strokes, Sharjeel exhibits a tremendous ability to shift the tables.

Let’s watch how his bat does its league-wide swoosh magic.

Muzaffarabad Tigers Draft Player Pick 2022

Mohammad Hafeez, one of Pakistan’s most successful cricketers, has signed on for KPL season 2 as the Icon Player for Muzaffarabad Tigers. He has all-around abilities that can compete with the best in the industry.

We can’t wait to see him perform at the highest level in the league.

Player NameCategory
Muhammad HafeezIcon Player
Iftikhar AhmedPlatinum
Zeeshan AshrafGold
Arshad IqbalGold

Kotli Lions Draft Player Pick 2022

Khurram Manzoor is the captain of Kotli Lions in 2022

Player NameCategory
Khurram ManzoorIcon Player
Ahsan AliDiamond
Khurram ShahzadDiamond
Irfanullah ShanGold
Khalid UsmanGold