Abu Dhabi T10 League Winners over the years

Abu Dhabi T10 League Winners List Of All Season

Abu Dhabi T10 League Winners List Of All Season

T10 League Winners list Team Abu Dhabi Bangla Tigers, Deccan Gladiators,Delhi Bulls, Northern Warriors, Morrisville Samp Army, New york strikers, Team Abu Dhabi, The Chennai Braves

The Deccan Gladiators defeated the New york strikers by 37 runs in the finals to win the Abu Dhabi T10 League 2022, riding on an incredible cameo from Andre Russell.

The Emirates Cricket Board has approved the T10 League, a ten-over cricket league. The League is the first ten-over league to ever receive international approval.

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It received official approval from the ICC in 2018. The League has a round-robin structure, then semi-finals, and then the championship game. At first, the League consists of six clubs.

Abu Dhabi T10 League Winners List Of All Season 2017 To 2022

The T10 League’s most successful team is the Northern Warriors. The T10 League has officially completed four seasons.

while in just four seasons, the Northern Warriors have won two championships. Kerala King’s triumph in the T10 League’s inaugural season.

Maratha Arabians also took home a Major T10 League trophy in 2019. They won the Major t10 League Title by defeating Deccan Gladtairos in the T10 League 2019 final.

The T10 League Season Champions were given a trophy and Prize Money of USD $1,00,000. Check out the complete winner’s list for all seasons down below.

2022Deccan Gladiators128/4New york strikers91/5DG Won By 37 Runs
2021Deccan Gladiators159/0Delhi Bulls103/7DG won by 56 runs
2020Northern Warriors85/2Delhi Bulls81/9NW won by 8 wickets
2019Maratha Arabians89/2Deccan Gladiators87/8MA won by 8 wickets
2018Northern Warriors140/3Pakhtoons118/7NW won by 22 runs
2017Punjabi Legends120/3Kerala Knights121/2KK won by 8 wickets