The 100 Ball Cricket 2022 Start Date, Team List, Teams Owner Name, And Stadium

The Hundred 2022 Start Date, Team List, Teams Owner Name, And Stadium

The Hundred 2022 Start Date, Team List, Teams Owner Name, And Stadium

Last updated on August 13th, 2022 at 09:06 am

The hundred cricket 2022 Start Date, Team List, Teams Owner Name, And Stadium

The 100 cricket matches are the fastest cricket matches that are played in the UK. This page empowers you with the update on the hundred cricket game 2022 which comprise the latest information.

The Hundred is a 100-ball cricket tournament that combines enormous spectacle with intense competition action, and it’s back this summer (03 August – 03 September 2022). 

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In this article we will know about the time, schedule, venue, Team squad, and much more about THE 100 hundred cricket 2022.

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What is The hundred? 

The 2021 season of The cricket the hundreds was the inaugural season of The Hundred, an experienced franchisee, also called 100 ball tournament pertaining to eight men’s and women’s teams found in major cities across England and Wales. The competition was run by the England and Wales Cricket Board.

(ECB) and took place for the first time, having been postponed a year due to the pandemic COVID-19. 

The 2022 season of The Hundred will be the second, additional season of the 100s cricket-, a skilled franchise,

100 ball competition will be played by eight men’s and women’s teams, matched will be partaking in major cities across England and Wales.

The hundred 2022 Summary

The Hundred 2022 ScheduleFrom 03 Aug 2022 To 03-Sep-2022
Host Country England
AdministratorEngland and Wales Cricket Board
Match Format100-ball cricket
Tournament FormatRound-robin league and Playoffs
The Hundred 2022 Start Date 03 August 2022
The Hundred 2022 Final Date03 September 2022
Participants Team8
Total Match34 matches
The Hundred 2022 winnerTBD
Prize MoneyWinner: £600k

The tournament will return after its first season, which was influenced by the pandemic COVID-19 and confronted strong resistance from traditional cricket fans.

Despite this, more than 500,000 tickets were sold for the first year of the competition and the contest was seen as a major boost for the women’s game.

The one hundred cricket organizers wish that more overseas players will be eligible to take part in this second season due to the peace of lockdown constraints as the pandemic recedes.

Salaries for male players will boost by 25% beyond the previous year, with each team encouraged to spend up to £1m on wages for the month-long debate.

Pay for female players has been more than creased on the previous year, with every team given £250,000 to spend on salaries.

The Hundred 2022: Team List

The eight teams that were competing in the 2021 season are new franchises, operating individually from the existing county cricket clubs.

Each depicts a vast area of England and wales, with venues selected for their locations in major cities. The teams are below: 

  1. London Spirit
  2. Welsh Fire
  3. Manchester Originals
  4. Northern Superchargers
  5. Oval Invincibles
  6. Trent Rockets
  7. Birmingham Phoenix
  8. Southern Brave

The Hundred Total Matches, Schedule, Time, and Venue Full details 2022

103Aug-2022Southern Brave vs Welsh FireThe Ageas Bowl, Southampton23:30
204-Aug-2022Oval Invincibles vs London SpiritThe Kia Oval, London23:00
305-Aug-2022Manchester Originals vs Northern SuperchargersEmirates Old Trafford, Manchester23:00
406-Aug-2022Trent Rockets vs Birmingham PhoenixTrent Bridge, Nottingham19:00
507-Aug-2022Welsh Fire vs Oval InvinciblesSophia Gardens, Cardiff18:30
608-Aug-2022London Spirit vs Manchester OriginalsLord’s, London22:30
709-Aug-2022Northern Superchargers vs Trent RocketsHeadingley, Leeds22:30
810-Aug-2022Birmingham Phoenix vs Southern BraveEdgbaston, Birmingham22:30
911-Aug-2022Oval Invincibles vs Northern SuperchargersThe Kia Oval, London19:00
1012-Aug-2022Southern Brave vs London SpiritThe Ageas Bowl, Southampton22:30
1113-Aug-2022Manchester Originals vs Trent RocketsEmirates Old Trafford, Manchester19:00
1213-Aug-2022Welsh Fire vs Birmingham PhoenixSophia Gardens, Cardiff18:30
1314-Aug-2022Northern Superchargers vs London SpiritHeadingley, Leeds19:00
1414-Aug-2022Oval Invincibles vs Southern BraveThe Kia Oval, London22:30
1515-Aug-2022Birmingham Phoenix vs Trent RocketsEdgbaston, Birmingham23:00
1616-Aug-2022Manchester Originals vs Welsh FireEmirates Old Trafford, Manchester23:00
1717-Aug-2022Trent Rockets vs Oval InvinciblesTrent Bridge, Nottingham23:30
1818-Aug-2022Southern Brave vs Manchester OriginalsThe Ageas Bowl, Southampton23:30
1919-Aug-2022Birmingham Phoenix vs Northern SuperchargersEdgbaston, Birmingham23:30
2020-Aug-2022Trent Rockets vs London SpiritTrent Bridge, Nottingham23:30
2121-Aug-2022Northern Superchargers vs Manchester OriginalsHeadingley, Leeds23:30
2222-Aug-2022Welsh Fire vs Southern BraveSophia Gardens, Cardiff23:00
2323-Aug-2022Oval Invincibles vs Birmingham PhoenixThe Kia Oval, London23:00
2424-Aug-2022London Spirit vs Welsh FireLord’s, London23:00
2525-Aug-2022Southern Brave vs Trent RocketsThe Ageas Bowl, Southampton23:30
2626-Aug-2022Welsh Fire vs Northern SuperchargersSophia Gardens, Cardiff23:30
2727-Aug-2022London Spirit vs Oval InvinciblesLord’s, London23:30
2828-Aug-2022Birmingham Phoenix vs Manchester OriginalsEdgbaston, Birmingham23:30
2929-Aug-2022Trent Rockets vs Welsh FireTrent Bridge, Nottingham23:30

30-Aug-2022London Spirit vs Birmingham PhoenixLord’s, London23:00
3131-Aug-2022Northern Superchargers vs Southern BraveHeadingley, Leeds19:30
3231-Aug-2022Manchester Originals vs Oval InvinciblesEmirates Old Trafford, Manchester23:00
3302-Sep-2022TBC vs TBC(Eliminator)The Ageas Bowl, Southampton23:00
3403-Sep-2022TBC vs TBC(Final)Lord’s, London23:00

The Hundred Schedule 2022: On January 27, The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) released The Hundred Men’s Schedule 2022.

On September 3, The second edition of the cricket 100s tournament is planned to kickstart from August 3 with finals for both men’s and women’s divisions.

The Hundred 2022 Format

All teams will cross swords in eight league-stage matches and the top three of the Hundred 2022 points tables will boost to the next stage.

The Hundred Schedule 2022: The 2022 Champions, Southern Brave, are assigned to face Welsh Fire on Wednesday 3 August in the first match of the season.

The Women’s tournament will commence on Thursday 11 August, after the Commonwealth Games and every women’s game will be a doubleheader with the men’s matches.

Below is the Hundred Schedule 2022 for Men’s with venue and timing details, check it :

Broadcasting, Commentator’s The hundred in 2022

Sky Sports will indicate every match in the tournament live on its subscription television service, while the BBC will also demonstrate some matches live on free-to-air television and broadcast commentary on its radio duties.

Presenters are the following: Andrew Flintoff, Kass Naidoo, Zainab Abbas, and Jacqueline Shepherd will lead the coverage.

They will be assembled by cricketing stars from around the world, encompassing: Dinesh Karthik, Stuart Broad, Kevin Pietersen, Tammy Beaumont, Daren Sammy, Mel Jones, Wasim Akram, Lydia Greenway, and Kumar Sangakkara.

The hundred Sponsors 2022

Dream 11 and BBC Music Initiating are the Official Partners of the Hundred.  Just Check out the full The Hundred Sponsors list for 2022 below:

Official Broadcast PartnersSky Sports
BBC Sport
Principal PartnerCAZOO
Official Team PartnerKP Snacks
Official Kit PartnerNB Team Sports
Official Hat PartnerNew Era
Official PartnerBBC Music Introducing
Dream 11
Official Wellness PartnerVitality
Official PartnerLifebuoy
Official Helmet SupplierMas

The hundred Stadium 2022

The Hundred, 2022, list of stadiums is below: 

Lord’s London: It is located in London city. It has a vast capacity of sitting till 30000. its bowling ends Pavilion End and Nursery. 

Trent Bridge, Nottingham: It is located in Nottingham city. It has a capacity of sitting till 17000.It bowling ends at Pavilion End and Radcliffe Road End. 

The Oval, London: It is also located in London city. It has a capacity of 25500 people sittings. 

It’s a bowling coverage area till Pavilion End and Vauxhall End. 

Edgbaston hundred, Birmingham: It is located in Birmingham city. It has the capacity of 25000 sitting for viewers.It Bowling covers the area till 

Birmingham End and Pavilion End. 

Headingley, Leeds: It is located in Leeds city. 

it has a capacity of 17500 sittings. Its Bowling ends till Kirkstall Lane End and Football Stand End.

Sophia Gardens, Cardiff: It is located in Cardiff city. It has a capacity of 15000 viewers’s Bowling ends till River Taff End and Cathedral Road End.

The Rose Bowl, Southampton: It is located in

Southampton city. It has a capacity of 25000 sittings. Its Bowling ends till Pavilion End and Northern En.

The OLd Trafford, Manchester: It is located in the city of Manchester. It has a wide capacity of 19000 seats. Its Bowling ends till Stretford End and Brian Statham End. 

Old Trafford, Manchester: It is located in the city of Manchester. It has a capacity of 19000 viewers. 

Its Bowling ends till Stretford End and Brian Statham End.

The hundred Umpires 2022

One of those is the white cards that are being held up by umpires within matches. They do this to end the signal of each set of five balls – it is known in the hundred as an over.

In other forms of cricket, the bowling switches end after each over but in The Hundred, they only do so after every 10 balls to make the game so fast.

Because of this managers still desired a way to signal the end of each ‘over’, and as a result, the white cards were invented.

Other new inventions for The Hundred include bowlers being able to bowl 10 releases – two five-ball overs – in a row if their captain select and the pre-match toss, utilized to elect which team will bat first, which has been moved from the field to the music stage in the stance of.

Fielding teams can also assume when to take a two-minute strategic plan timeout during which the two coaches can come onto the field.

The powerplay – the period at the start of every innings where only two fielders are enabled out of the inner circle – lasts longer for the first 25 balls of the first innings.

FAQ The Hundred 2022

Who are the teams in The Hundred?

The Hundred 2022 squads are listed below – men’s competition

  • Birmingham Phoenix
  • London Spirit
  • Manchester Originals
  • Northern Superchargers
  • Oval Invincibles
  • Southern Brave
  • Trent Rockets
  • Welsh Fire

How many foreigners can play in The Hundred?

Every men’s team had a squad of 15 players. Among every 15 was one England red-ball leased player, and 14 Drafted players. Teams were licensed a maximum of three overseas players.

Why are there no Indian players in The Hundred?

Indian players will not be accentuated in the competition. Unlike the rest of the cricket boards over the world, the BCCI does not enable its contracted players to contribute to franchise tournaments outside the country. BCCI said, “I can’t devote to the involvement of India players.”

Is Liam Livingstone playing in The Hundred?

The Hundred’s leading scorer Liam Livingstone will persist with Birmingham Phoenix and James Vince will formerly again captain Southern Brave.

The Hundred competition has had its deadline day for retaining players for this year’s impending competition.

Why do umpires use the white cards in The Hundred?

You all should recognize by now that The Hundred permits a bowler to bowl 10 straight balls from one end, yet, the form of cricket that we all realize, after 6 balls are finalized, it is figured as an over, and the end changes.

But, even though a bowler is enabled to bowl 10 balls in a row, teams can still change the bowler after 5 balls and send him later.

The white card arrives into play here, when a bowler has bowled 5 balls, the umpires set up a white card to signal that a over is finished, now if the team likes, they can change the bowler, or proceed with him till 10 balls are complete.


The Hundred is a new different innovative format of cricket inaugurated by the designers of the game that we all like. England Cricket Board gave rise to a new creation to cricket to bring the game progress fast.

The Hundred comes with a pack of new laws that makes it various from the other cricket layout already in existence. There are such new ordinances involved in The Hundred that an ordinary cricket fan might not realize or might not understand.