The One hundred Cricket Ball Cricket League Rules| 100 ball Cricket Regulations

The Hundred ball Cricket League Rules 100 ball Cricket Regulations

The Hundred ball Cricket League Rules 100 ball Cricket Regulations

The hundred Cricket Rules | the 100s cricket-Regulations

The rules for The-hundred Ball Cricket Rules differ from those for limited-over cricket. England, which was fresh to the 100 cricket era, created the game with simple regulations.

Due to its reduced rules version, many cricket experts believe it will cause a stir in the cricket world.

The following are the regulations that will be observed in the 100 Hundred cricket tournament’s first edition.

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The Hundred Ball Cricket Rules and Regulations


  1. Each innings consists of 100 balls. The player who scores the most runs is the winner.
  2. After 10 balls, the fielding side switch is complete.
  3. Bowlers deliver either five or 10 consecutive balls. The captain makes the final decision.
  4. A maximum of 20 balls can be delivered by each bowler per game.


  1. Each bowling team is given a two-and-a-half-minute strategic timeout.
  2. In the middle of the game, the coach can walk out to the middle of the field and discuss strategy with his or her players.


  1. Each team gets a 25-ball powerplay.
  2. During the powerplay, two fielders are permitted outside of the initial 30-yard circle.


  1. A Hundred matches will take two and a half hours.


  1. Each team must have a squad of 15 players.

Final thoughts

The England cricket board took the courageous move of organizing the hundred rules game and receiving the mix option for cricket fans all around the world, and it was the hundred ball match.

The ECB arranged a brand new Cricket League for their cricket fans, with the hope that the new hundred-ball format will attract new and younger followers. The week will be put to the test over time.