Top 10 Highest Individual Scores in BBL History

Top 10 Highest Individual Scores in BBL History

Top 10 Highest Individual Scores in BBL History

Top five highest individual BBL scores in history While quick firepower and gap-juggling skills are required for T20 batting and big bash highest score, the team’s ability to secure the crease and play extended innings often determines the outcome.

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In the BBL, there have been some outstanding individual performances that have prepared the ground.

There are a lot of opening and top-order batters on this list of BBL history’s biggest individual score hitters. Their reliable play has enabled the club to produce high totals and has also found big wins.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at the highest individual BBL player scores ever. The list created here is in serial order and will change with each BBL cricket season.

Complete List Of Highest Individual Scores in BBL 2011 To 2023

GJ Maxwell154*64224240.62
MP Stoinis147*79138186.07
MS Wade130*61117213.11
BR McDermott1276599195.38
SPD Smith125*6659189.39
DJM Short122*6988176.81
LJ Wright1176089195.00
J Weatherald1157098164.28
C Munro114*7386156.16
BR McDermott1145289219.23
CJ Ferguson113*5388213.20
LA Pomersbach112*70152160.00
CJ Simmons11258411193.10
AJ Finch111*65124170.76
BR McDermott110*60125183.33
AD Hales1105698196.42
UT Khawaja109*70123155.71
LJ Wright109*63114173.01
AJ Finch1096867160.29
M Klinger105*6074175.00
UT Khawaja104*59133176.27
PSP Handscomb103*6465160.93
DJM Short103*7037147.14
GJ Maxwell10357123180.70
DA Warner102*5166200.00
CJ Simmons1024188248.78
TM Head101*5349190.56
JM Clarke101*6694153.03
CA Lynn1015157198.03
AT Carey10162103162.90
SPD Smith1015657180.35
CH Gayle100*54311185.18
MR Marsh100*6065166.66
MW Short100*5983169.49
AT Carey10056124178.57

Top 6 BBL Highest Individual Scores in BBL History

Glenn Maxwell (154*)

Glenn Maxwell, the big man from Australia, is the first name on the list of highest scorers in the BBL. On January 19, 2022, his 154* inning against the Hurricanes was the highest individual score in BBL history.

It was one such occasion when GJ Maxwell was in his full powers.

Marcus Stoinis (147*)

The Sydney Sixers bowling attack was completely crushed by Marcus Stoinis, who was playing for the Melbourne Stars at the time.

Stoinis put on a big-hitting display, scoring an incredible amount of runs in 20 over-innings, the highest individual score in history.

This is the most spectacular inning in BBL history. In just 79 balls, with a strike rate of over 186, he smashed 13 fours and 8 massive sixes, setting a record that won’t be easily broken.

It ranks among the top T20 innings ever.

Matthew Wade (130*)

One of the best wicketkeeper-batsmen in the nation, Matthew Wade’s form is largely due to his power-hitting in BBL.

Wade altered the size of the Hobart Hurricanes after entering the batting like Marcus Stoinis.
The southpaw was unstoppable in a certain game in 2020 versus Adelaide Strikers.

With seven sixes and eleven fours, he opened the batting and finished the innings with 130* runs off 61 balls.

Although Wade may not appear to be the tallest player, the left-hander has a powerful swing. Individual Highest Scores in history

Ben McDermott (127): 

Ben McDermott has earned the third slot on this list with his most recent at-bat, which is the most recent at-bat to appear on this list of Highest Individual Scores in BBL History.

He smacked nine fours and nine sixes in just 65 pitches, registering an astonishing strike rate of over 195 for the entire inning. This was an incredibly outstanding inning.

One of the best batters in the BBL put on a display of six-hitting at its finest, and all Hobart Hurricanes fans will remember this inning for a very long time.

Steven Smith (125*)

He smacked five fours and nine sixes in just 66 balls, registering an astonishing strike rate of over 185.39 for the entire innings. This was an incredibly outstanding inning.

Darcy Short (122*)

Due in large part to his performance in the BBL, Darcy Short was selected for the Australian national squad and the IPL.

It is difficult to question his success in the BBL, where he enjoyed destroying bowlers. The gifted left-hander also carries the distinction of having hit one of the highest scores in the BBL tournament.

In just 69 balls faced against Brisbane Heat, he scored 122* runs bbl Highest Individual score in history. He smacked eight sixes and eight fours during his at-bats, therefore the demolition is known.

Darcy, who batted first and played till the very last ball, showed that he doesn’t waste his wicket.

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